Introducing Apigee’s new publication, “APIs and Digital Transformation.”

Introducing “APIs and Digital Transformation,” Apigee’s new Medium publication dedicated to the many ways APIs accelerate digital business.

The relentless pace of digital business is putting pressure on virtually all enterprises.

For many businesses, it’s no longer adequate to merely complement brick-and-mortar operations with a mobile app and website, for example — these businesses need to embed themselves in rich digital ecosystems that deliver value to customers wherever they are, when they want it, and how they prefer to receive it.

Likewise, many businesses and institutions face increased pressure — from not only customers but also new regulatory requirements — to make services and data interoperable. Healthcare providers are working to ensure medical data recorded in one location is available to physicians at other locations and to various apps. Financial institutions are making moves not only to give customers at-a-glance access to financial information but also to create new ecosystems of services that help customers make smarter decisions.

To make themselves agile and flexible, some businesses have evolved from relying on-prem systems to also supporting a few SaaS apps to adopting multi-cloud approaches that leverage resources from a range of providers to create better services and smoother operations.

What unites all of these challenges? The solution is rooted in APIs.

APIs are the mechanism by which software talks to other software. They connect data, systems, and apps, abstracting back-end complexity into a reliable interface and allowing businesses to continually leverage their core assets for new digital products and experiences. The de facto standard for building modern applications and services, APIs drive modern digital business, with literally quadrillions of API calls firing across the Internet each day. APIs are, in short, the products that allow developers to create products for end users.

Apigee’s new publication, “APIs and Digital Transformation,” is dedicated to this rich topic — to the ways enterprises are using APIs to adapt to changing conditions, open new revenue models, better leverage data and other core assets, improve operations, and generally accelerate their businesses. Bookmark “APIs and Digital Transformation,” and check back regularly for new insights into the power delivered by APIs!

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